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[13 Nov 2001|06:02pm]
I just took this picture.

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[12 Nov 2001|03:04pm]
I made this journal a long time ago, but I'm presently going to use it for the posting of unexplained events in my life and the lives of my aunt and cousin or concerning anyone else I'm in relations with.

My aunt, Elaine, or my cousin, Autumn may also make posts here.

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[26 Jul 2001|07:17am]
I've been hearing noises from the closet, there's a very old doll in there, her eyes squeak when she sits up and lays back down...

I woke up and the bedroom door was locked, from the inside, I didn't do it...

The doors have been opening and closing, the closet door opening and closing, the lights going on and off, burning out too quickly.

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[17 May 2001|08:35am]
[ mood | anxious ]

A while back I cleaned a building in downtown Tulsa called Main Plaza. The first night as Tim left he said, "Oh, and by the way, it's haunted".

It wasn't until about a month later that anything happened.

Elaine was rounding and odd corner in a lawyers office and saw *eerie music* a little old woman in lavender and eyeglasses with big white hair in a chair!

She came back 'round the corner and said that she'd just about given herself a heart attack.

We playfully dubbed her "the lavender granny" though we only ever saw her one more time, or I did, through a crack in the door, her eyes were hollow. Eeep.

There was a doorbell on one office, and it started to ring on it's own inexplicably.

Then we started to get stuck on the freight elevator. So many times this happened, I can't even recall, costing the building owners 70 dollars every time and more on weekends. No one else EVER got stuck on the freight, the maint. man lied on more than one occasion and said that it had been fixed. Eventually we learned how to get out of it ourselves with the help of tony the elevator man, we became very friendly with the otis elevator people in mass. so much so that we small talked with them about the weather.

And then it got so much worse. One night Jenny, Elaine, and I were all cleaning about seperately. I was in the basement getting toilet paper, Elaine and Jenny were on the third floor, Elaine vacuuming the office where she saw the lavender granny and Jenny standing by the elevator having just finished the bathrooms. Elaine heard on her own, two seperate voices, over the vacuum cleaner, Jenny heard, down the hall from Elaine, two seperate voices, a man and a woman. I came up the elevator with my toilet paper, they went down with their things, not telling me about the voices, I was locking the doors, alone on the third floor, and I began to hear two voices, a man and a woman, very distinct, yet mumbled, low at first, but increasingly loud as I moved down the hall, until at last they were screaming, screaming at each other. I hopped on the elevator, seemed so long until the doors closed. When I got to the first floor I said to Elaine and Jenny, that I had heard voices screaming up there, and they told me that they too had heard voices.

I continued to hear them, for months, on and off, though Jenny and Elaine did not. Eventually words became more distinct, my name once or twice, stop, no, and finally I felt a hard tingling painful pressure on my arm as I vacuumed, white marks as if someone were pressing down hard, fingertips. And this left bruises, four of them, that everyone thereafter saw, I've got witnesses baby.

About this time I was so fucking freaked out that I prayed like mad. And I guess, yeah, things did seem to stop, but we got rid of that building pretty soon, we were there for a year though.


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Good Friday the 13th [13 Apr 2001|08:40am]
I went into the white house

for a romp about for usable items.

I opened the door, and Darwin, our farm cat, looked at me, hissed, and ran.

One of the friendlier horses, Thunder, avoided me, ran, bucked, kicked, and showed me the whites of his eyes all day.

So when Elaine and I ventured outside at about 10 PM, we heard, in the general direction of the white house, a shrill whistling scream, and then a few moments later, a muffled bump.

Freaked the piss out of me.

Still shivering now.

Elaine suggested that it was a banshee, and, well, the fact that we have a bit of Scot in us just dawned on me, but don't tell anyone, because I've already freaked everyone out.

Banshees are like the woman in white to the British, right?

Like the owl hooting your name to the American Indians?

I haven't heard that yet, Mom did hear an owl hoot tonight though.

Am I thinking too much?


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[26 Nov 2000|08:54am]
Last night I was sitting here and I heard several loud knocks on the back door.

Thats really strange, I mean, 4 in the morning, back door?

So I jump, my heart is racing.

I look for the gun first, which I guess its been pawned.

Foolish little bloodthirsty kumquat, I say to myself.

So Dad wakes up and asks if I heard something, I don't know if he heard it too, or if my lurking around where the gun is kept alerted him, I said it sounded as if someone knocked on the backdoor.

So he opens the door.

And there isn't anyone there!

It was a solid sound knock, even sounded like they used the knocker, which is metal.

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[05 Nov 2000|09:02am]
1. You've prolly read that I saw Satan as a wee thing, right? Well, I did, and I still believe that I did, despite the fact that no one believed me at the time, which caused me much frustration. I don't really believe that it was Satan that I saw, but obviously some demon. I was so little that I can't explain that. But, he made eye contact, you know, and that scared the heck outta me.

2.This isn't exactly "spirit related" but might explain somethings that are mentally off with me (heehee). . . When I was quite young I skinned my knee, and was crying in the History aisle at Mommies bookstore, and I believe Auntie was working that day. Anyhow, a woman was there, quite ancient, and she used a fireplace poker as a cane, which to me seemed a pretty damn wacked thing to do, and she came up to me and said, "did you hurt your knee?" and I said yes, quite tearfully, and she said, "Jesus loves you" and touched my knee, pain went away entirely, just gone, she got up and walked away. That was it.

3. I've been overly fond of Ouija boards in the past, I have gobs of strange things happen around the time I used them. Not all of them happened to me personally. 1) Auntie saw a cat, large, white (later dubbed 'spirit cat') by her bedroom door, the lights were off, she went to turn them on (which brought her right next to the 'cat'. . . lights on cat gone. 2) During every period of time that we (autie and I or Inky and I) fooled around w/ ouija boards Auntie's bed would shake in the night, she'd wake up, because the bed was shaking, sit up in bed, and go back to sleep. 3) Autie left the living room of her house, at this time she was not married to Mike, but dating brandon, who by all counts is gay (drives a purple truck w/ a pink dildo attached to the hood), anyhow, she left him playing video games in the living room, or possibly her bedroom, and saw, in the bathroom hall, brandon, the man she'd just left, right in front of her, he was positively in the other room playing video games. 4)My dad saw a number of things, floating chainsaw, charred alien, floating green peace sign, etc, and so forth.

4. We had a building in the past, which I cannot specify the name, I'll call it B. It was 4 stories high plus a basement. SEVERAL things happened here. And once again not just to me. 1)I was using the photo copier (naughty naughty anonyma!) in the basement, I had sat a pile of papers on the table beside it, and crumpled up a large paper to announce the papers in case I for got them when we went on upstairs, which I naturally did, but I remembered once we got upstairs, and asked Inky to take me back down to get them (card access elevators). . . So we got to the room and the paper I'd crumpled up was still there, but the stack was gone, just vanished. I looked ALL OVER, made sure I wasn't holding them, I was not. 2) Heard water running in a bathroom full blast, complete dead end bathroom, no escaping it but by passing me. I jumped up, looked in the bathroom, the sink WAS WET!!!!!! 3)I was not there thsi night, but Autie was, and she was off snooping in peoples desks (yes , janitors do that) and Inky and Auntie were cleaning a bathroom, they heard a woman scream in the building, and it was definately IN THE BUILDING, they ran to find her, Auntie does not run, this was fear. Autie was fine. She did not scream. She did not hear the scream. 5) I saw a man in a flannel standing in the middle of a room, I saw that man disappear

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